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Another article on I READ THE NEWS TODAY. OH BOY  in the Vallejo Times Herald this morning. I hope you can get a copy since it has two photos that aren’t shown on the web site version below.

A couple of you pointed out that the link I sent for the Contra Costa Times article on June 23rd directed or pointed to the Patch article instead. The Contra Costs Times also appeared in the OAKLAND TRIBUNE and the SAN JOSE MECURY NEWS.  Just in case you didn’t see the Contra Costa Times article, I am repeating the link here as well

We are very fortunate to have had such a positive response to our exhibit. This is all thanks to Jady Montgomery our publicity person for this program and a loyal member of the FIRST TUESDAY POETRY GROUP here in Benicia.

I am thinking we may have over 100 people at the Opening Reception on Thursday. Artists and Poets, please be generous with those snacks you are bringing!  You’ll have a name tag ready for you when you arrive. Please wear it and let people know who you are so they can ask you questions about your topic and your work for this show. I am proud of this show and I hope you are proud and pleased as well.

I’ve been checking on the exhibit every day and each time I’ve gone I’ve met people who are excited about what they are seeing and reading. I’ve met a woman who came from Walnut Creek after reading the CC article, a man who has lived in Benicia 45 years who said this is the first exhibit of art in this community he has really enjoyed. A woman in town wrote me to say that she’s been going everyday to really study one by one each of the artist/poet/article sections of the exhibit. Two teenagers stopped (with skateboards underarms)  to see the portrait of Les Overlock that Mike Kimball did because they’d heard about it from their friends and then went deeper into the exhibit looking and exclaiming as they went. More stories of the exhibit when I see you on Thursday.

All the best,
Ronna Leon
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Published By Times Herald
Posted: 06/26/2011 01:00:39 AM PDT
LINK: http://www.timesheraldonline.com/ci_18356554

Benicia exhibit focuses on the headlines
By Jennifer Modenessi
Contra Costa Times
Posted: 06/23/2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
LINK: http://www.mercurynews.com/entertainment/ci_18324456?nclick_check=

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