(Derek Walcott) : SUMMER POEMS TO COOL YOU DOWN, AND SPEAKING OF HOT JULY, TEXAS POETRY, featuring professor poets Paul Riffin and Wendy Barker, with poems and thoughts by Ruth Stone, Willis Barnstone, Mark Doty, Naomi Shahib Nye, Mark Bibbins (“And You Thought You Were the Only One”), Liam Rector (“Fat Men in Summer Suits”), Derek Walcott, Frances Chung, Walt McDonald, David Woo, Rosanna Warren, Lewis Carroll, e. e. cummings, Charles Wright, Lynda Hull, Mark Jarmon; meditation on the Austin agencies of angels (insects, train) by your program host Professor Barbara Mossberg; reflections on the significance of the fact that many of Emily Dickinson’s poems can be sung to “The Yellow Rose of Texas” (with illustrations); the Harry Ransom Center at University of Texas, Manuscripts Collection; Albert Camus on traveling; upcoming Texas International Poetry Festival in September; CERN findings on the “God particle” for what makes matter and how poetry makes things matter; and more, and continuing . . . . Thank you for listening! Please write And slow down, because you know you move too fast! Poetry’s the way. Chill.

Next week, live from our studios and returning to my hometown, Pacific Grove, and our Poetry Committee up to good: stay tuned!

© Barbara Mossberg 2012

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