I SHALL KEEP SINGING (Emily Dickinson) THEY SAID I COULDN’T SING BUT I DID SING (Florence Foster Jenkins, channeled by Meryl Streep)

Criticism is said to have killed an enthusiastic diva and John Keats and been dead wrong (and snarky) about . . . well, name your favorite—Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Henry David Thoreau, Scott Fitzgerald, J.D. Salinger, Henry Miller, we love these stories of not the last laugh but the continuing and eternal comedy of immortal life, the poet’s respect for the Truth and Beauty of the living word.

What do “They” know? To sing when no one asks, to keep on singing when “they shut me up in Prose” is a faith in us, the Gentle Reader, You, whom, Hear Hear!, we celebrate on our show. Sing out! –your joy is something they cannot take away from you—or us. We need your joy.

© Barbara Mossberg 2016

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