When you’re in the dark woods, and the way is lost, and a lion, leopard, and she-wolf are snarling, blocking your way, you (evolved radio show listener) might think of Dante’s Rx, the Roman epic poet Virgil, or Rumi’s peoples who come running with stretchers of grace, to take you through hell and out of it, or, the kitchen? That’s what I’m thinking too. What you have at hand may be just what the Dr. (B) ordered, and that’s the ingredients for banana bread. It’s October, the days are dark and darker, and we have more and more need of all things yellow, red, and orange, so here’s a show with your own Poetry Slow Down host, plating recipes. So come on in, my cherished peoples, grab a plaid blanket, and we’ll talk about crisis du jour with soup de jour, chef solutions, the poetry way. Hear what and who’s being eaten, who’s not eating, all the dish, delish, we’ll dish it out.

Sunday, Noon-1 pm, PST,

© Barbara Mossberg

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