HELLO, POETRY SLOW DOWN! I’m waving to you with sound, which is, science says, the origin of matter

Yes: it all begins with sound, with wave, and of course, our voices are ways we connect with each other, our brain waves, becoming voice, and radio waves, and I think it makes sense on the imagery of waves that it’s the Beach Boys who produce Good Vibrations, as it’s all about frequency:

Our show today:

Waving Live from Caltech, Pasadena, CA: GOOD VIBRATIONS: GENIUS, CYMATICS, ENTANGLEMENT, SUPERCONDUCTIVITY AND DARK PARABLES (Yes, this is a poetry show). From TED talks to Newsfeed and Science Posts, Novels and Films, 11 dimensions, string theory, quantized space, dark matter and energy (or not), EINSTEIN continues to be on our minds; but it is his ideas about love, compassion, social justice and empathy that take e=mc2 to infinity over curvey space time, i.e., it’s his poetry. And speaking of poetry (which we are), and genius, EMILY DICKINSON, ever alive, her quantum poems illuminating dark matter, energy, force, and the significance of sound—and we’ll muse (not amused) upon the recent film made about her life, A Quiet Passion. And we’ll consider in what ways Einstein and Dickinson are soul mates across the arts sciences continuum. It’s all about love! Equation elation! Vibration! So we look at Shakespeare’s illustrating Einstein’s vision of fairy tales, about social justice and equality and love. Along the way, notes of Michael Faraday’s coming across energy through metaphor, imagery in the Bible, Max Planck, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Paul Tanner and the electrotheremin and its sci-fi spookiness, Glenn Miller, and Hair’s “Aquarius.” Our Producer Zappa Johns is glad, because we are tangling with Star Wars and The Force, and nerd geek terrain, and it’s a glorious wrestle. And a video game, Dark Parables, about “Sleeping Beauty. “

And Nico Moss, our son, is our ringer (speaking of good vibrations) consultant: Here’s a link to a program about consciousness that we’ll connect with genius poetry!

Gavin Somnia’s Ancient Knowledge series on consciousness

I’m excited, yes, vibrating with poetry’s news!

© Barbara Mossberg 2017

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