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From a Restore Hetch Hetchy newletter.

A key component of any environmental campaign is the ability to effectively communicate a message. Thanks to a team of volunteers, Restore Hetch Hetchy has a terrific new site with which to educate the public, recruit volunteers and solicit contributions. Check it out!

RHH would like to give special thanks to the team at Load Bearing Creative in Fresno for the many volunteer hours they put in to develop a new, effective website for RHH. Load Bearing Creative is a full service marketing and design studio-we encourage our supporters to consider utilizing their talented services. Special thanks also to RHH board member, Roger Williams, for making it happen.

A Letter From a Poet

Dear Restore Hetch Hetchy:

We have reached a new stage of evolution where human history is the agency of hope. The twentieth century brought in a renewed consciousness of preservation of the earth-keeping what is left. Our century’s work is restoration. It is imaginative work. It needs the poet and the engineer, the lawyer and business leader. It is up to us now to figure out ways in every river valley to rescue rich soil, every mountain and plain, to be restored. We hear of prairies and watershed and mountains and forests, seabeds, coral reefs, being brought back to life with engineering feats and genius of vision. And this is from Emily Dickinson, engineer of “but God be with the Clown, Who ponders this tremendous scene, this whole experiment in green, As if it were his own!” If we consider this very earth our own, claim it as we once claimed land to up-end, take down trees and habitat, dam rivers, flood valleys, and see a new kind of power in owning this earth, we can make it once again tremendous, we can move from the role of fools to the divine work of the visionary who believes in what is possible. This is the point at which a thousand years from now, a child will find history a story of redemption.

Barabara Mossberg 2010

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