Bring me home in sunlit spangle yet again (Kim Stafford)

(Portland, OR) TODAY’S GOOD NEWS OF SPECIES PRESERVATION and POETRY—A SLOW WALK ON THE WILD SIDE, THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: ELEPHANT ROSE-TU DELIVERING, THE FATHER-SON NEXUS OF KIM AND BILL STAFFORD, LEWIS THOMAS, MARK STRAND, D.H. LAWRENCE, DR. SEUSS, DISNEY’S DUMBO, DAN CHIASSON, W.S. MERWIN, BARBARA RAS and more, on our lens to how we see our earth. Great poems and poetic science writing on what is at stake in how we write about our earth. It was a joy to read these poetic writings and I hope you enjoy them–write me at Next week, more on this theme, of good news in species regeneration, birth language, earth language, with Stephen Jay Gould, the Archangel Project, W.S. Merwin, Joy Harjo, tree poetry, and more.

Also! For denizens of the Central Coast of California, next week:

Friday, December 7:

Artisana Gallery, Pacific Grove: An installation of a tree at Artisana Gallery (bring a wish or blessing to hang), with a poetry reading at 6:30 p.m. of my and other poems on trees–

703 Forest Avenue, across from City Hall.

Saturday, December 8:
Cherry Center for the Arts, Carmel: Annual Emily Dickinson Birthday dramatic reading, which I have performed every year wherever I am on earth since 1976. . . . Sherry, home-made gingerbread, candles, and song.
2 pm. 4th and Guadalupe.

Sunday, December 9:
Pacific Grove Public Library, 2 pm. Annual lecture as Pacific Grove Poet in Residence:
Growing Old and Bold–My Life With Emily Dickinson

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