Elation Equation: And We Shall Be A Mighty Kindness (Rumi) or, e=mc² Explained–A Special Theory of Relativity

As we consider Emerson (whom the late Harold Bloom called “God”) and Einstein, and Astra theology, and what is known about the universe in ancient and emergent minds, considering human and civil rights, peace, and the environment (Peace! Love! Freedom! Happiness!) in which we hear (Hear! Hear!) from Listen, John Steinbeck, Rumi, John Lennon, Elvis, and Hair, as well as Leonard Bernstein, as well as Ian Chillag’s Radiotopia’s “Everything is Alive.” And more thoughts with the University of Oregon’s Insight Seminar and Clark Honors College’s “Thinking Like the Sun: Travel in Ancient and Emergent Minds.” This is Professor Barbara Mossberg with our Producer Zappa Johns. 

Who understands e=mc²? It takes a genius, right? Do we think genius is beyond us? That genius is Einstein maybe, but not you? Do we think Einstein is in his own orbit, far removed from us? We may think knowledge of the world is far from what we can grasp in our everyday life–and thus let it go as an intellectual luxury we cannot afford, and turn back to our daily reality, the shoelace and the biscuit, the diagnosis, the wine, the tomato harvested from the garden. Love worry, trying so hard to do the right thing, these are our joys and work. And as for Emerson, well, is he just impossible to understand to the point of irrelevance?

My heart rouses thinking to bring you news of something that concerns you and concerns many men. Look at what passes for the new. You will not find it there but in despised poems. It is difficult to get the news from poems yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there.

William Carlos Williams gives both a diagnosis and Rx in poetry, as difficult and despised as it may be. Together with the idea of irrelevance to our stressed responsible lives, these ideas of literature, and genius as something we don’t have to worry about, are contested and exuberantly and earnestly interrogated by two of the greatest minds of the 19th and 20th centuries, who sought to convince us that WE are what the doctor ordered. In fact, that we are geniuses the world needs now. And they are going to define just what they think this means, as wise, enlightened citizenry.

© Barbara Mossberg 2019

2 thoughts on “Elation Equation: And We Shall Be A Mighty Kindness (Rumi) or, e=mc² Explained–A Special Theory of Relativity

  1. Ms. Mossberg,

    read your Fresno Bee paean to the sense behind phonemes aggregated, arguing for honoring the geologic and botanical majesty of Hetch-Hetchy and the resilience of Muir by reworking our thinking and action regarding Yosemite’s twin.

    There’s so much to rethink and rework–I’m reading Steve Luxenberg’s SEPARATE, a chronicle of the Plessy v. Ferguson decision, and Lordy ain’t we still got acting to do in that arena? Still, I think there’s a story informs Hetch-Hetchy and Plessy that seeps deeper and slower than either. One that will take eternity to find, it seems. A splash of it comes from many quarters, but only after being hand-cupped out from disparate sources without much hint that the common source is glimpsed. I speak of the universal presence of animate spirit. Too abstract? The right to exist!

    I invite you to read Progress & Poverty by Henry George. There you will encounter words sublime and descriptive as Muir’s, and more granite-like than his in their specific advocacy.

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