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You heard right! Yes ma’am! It’s time to celebrate Emily Dickinson’s birthday, and so we are, with her poems on flowers, and her mind on flowers, quite possibly a flower, and not a shrinking violet, but a sensibility that is transcendant . . . Paul Simon sings in our show’s theme song, let the morning time shine all its petals on me, well that’s our confetti celebration today–  

I quote: December 15, 2014, 7:30 p.m. at the Pacific Grove Public Library, PG Poet in Residence, Dr. Barbara Mossberg, will present “NOBODY KNOWS THIS LITTLE ROSE:”, THE SECRET LIFE OF EMILY DICKINSON-REVELATIONS IN EMILY DICKINSON’S FLOWER POEMS.

In honor of Emily Dickinson’s birthday and the Language of Flowers Art Exhibit, our own Dickinson scholar, will share her insights on what the poet’s relationship with flowers tells us about the inner life of Emily Dickinson in a presentation that she describes as follows—well Poetry Slow Down, that’s me, welcome to our show, and I will describe as follows, yes indeed, forthwith, and meanwhile, I’m in our radiomonterey.com studios with our producer Sara Hughes, and if you wish to call in today, we’d love to hear from you, at ______________________


MUSIC: Call me don’t be afraid to just call me

Frank Sinatra

And don’t take it just from Frank,

MUSIC, Call me, don’t be afraid to just call me,

Petula Clark

Me, come! My dazzled face, in such a shining place!

Me, here, my foreign ear, the sounds of welcome there! And our show today is our tradition, in honor of Emily Dickinson’s birthday, December 10, what she called the Finland of the Year, and this year, there have been two programs that have made me decide how to focus our show today—in the next weeks, more football, and you know Emily Dickinson is our wide receiver, spreading wide her narrow hands to gather paradise—but two things happened—first, there is a translation project going on right now between the US and China, they are translating her poems into Chinese, and I think she’s the most difficult poet in English, and here, the issues of how to translate this little troublemaker whose life has changed mine utterly, taking me hither and thither around the world, this little so-called nobody, NOT, and I was asked to consult on some poems, for a translation conference in Shanghai, with colleagues from the Emily Dickinson International society, and the poems they happened to give me for my interpretation of them and sense of issues for translation, included, nobody knows this little rose . . . .and meanwhile, not to be outdone, the Pacific Grove Library, where I am giving this talk on Emily Dickinson tomorrow night, come, come—hear hear!—developed a gallery show of art organized around Emily Dickinson and flowers, and so that was the topic I would speak on, as the exhibition is going on right now! So I’m bringing you backstage, Poetry Slow Down, of these processes . . .

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December 14, 2014
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