YOU ANGEL YOU (Dylan)—ARE YOU MY ANGEL (Ferlinghetti)?: POETS AS MESSENGERS? When People You Love See Angels in the Curtains and the Trees

Exploring angels through the lens of poetry, from Angels of Bread to the Necessary Angel, the Better Angel, the Industrious Angel, the Child Angel, Angel on Wheels, Angel in the House, Guardian Angel, the Angels in America, Angels Who Have Returned With My Memories (from the Chicken Chronicles)—

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Four Legs in the Morning: What’s Up With Morning? (and/or, Who’s Up With Morning?)

Awake for Travel, the Sphinx, and Ramona the Pest and the Dawnzer Light (Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary!)

Only that day dawns to which we are awake. There is more day to dawn. The sun is but a morning star.”—That’s Henry David Thoreau, and we’re awake, you and I! And Ramona the Pest, a companion Walden spirit—an Alice in Wonderland type of Lewis Carroll to get us going.

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I’M HERE AND YOU’RE HERE BECAUSE APRIL IS THE CRUELEST MONTH and why April in fact is National Poetry Month (the same reason)

The Improbable Role of Poetry Changing People’s Lives and What April Has to Do With It, or, MY LIFE IN TERMS OF A QUEST OF CRUEL AND CRUELER APRILS:– THAT APRIL ‘TUDE and more true confessions. . . THE POETRY SLOW DOWN, Live from the AWP 2016, Association of Writers and Publishers Annual Convention, days and nights of readings of poets from all the journals making way for poetry . . . Continue reading