Insisting on Happiness

Slow Down, Dr.’s orders, the bossy poet, insisting on happiness, however improbable. Our show today celebrates the imperative of happiness, with poetry of Mark Strand, Mary Oliver, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Louis Stevenson, e.e. cummings, W. B. Yeats, John Muir, Kabir, Rumi, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg, Thomas Lynch, Hart Crane, Robert Creeley, Fransisco Albanez, and yours truly, Profesor Mossberg, and more, reflecting on how poetry is a deux ex machina, to lift, heft, heave, hoist our flagging, sagging, weary and teary spirits, Dr. B’s Rx as we dutifully pursue happiness. It’s our job. Come now, slow down . . .


Hi All,

I’m working on a new feed for the podcasts.  Currently all the old podcasts are still available through iTunes.  Starting this Sunday however the podcast will be distributed from a new server.  If you subscribed to the podcast using iTunes you won’t need to make any changes.  If you subscribed using another directory or system you may need to update your link to the new one.  I will post the new link once I have finalized the setup.


Flying to You!

August 19: Come to The Works on Lighthouse Avenue, Pacific Grove, across from the Post Office with the fantastic WPA mural! The brew is for Happy Hour, 5-6 pm. We are launching a series of poetic noetic Happy Hours featuring PG poets. Come join me for the first program, Insisting on Happiness, original poems and poems you love by W.B. Yeats, Shakespeare, John Muir, Mary Oliver,e.e. cummings (of course), Emily Dickinson, and more. Stay tuned for Quantum Happiness at Charlie’s Boat House, Washing the Lake, Bones and Flesh, and others of your radio host of the Poetry Slow Down, KRXA 540AM. See you there! And look here for news about Restore Hetch Hetchy and what poetry has to do with it, the LeConte Memorial Lodge, Oxford University and Emily Dickinson International Society, and Paris’s very own Cafe Lapin Agile, all in the name of poetry out and about, in your neighborhood of your mind.